What’s in a name?

Why wildbird, people ask me. Few reasons: many people in the Netherlands mis spell my first name. They make it Wilbert instead of Wilbur. So if you would really mis spell it, you would get wilt bert or wild bird. So for a personal management BV, where I am the main product for sale, usingMeer lezen over “What’s in a name?”

Soft start, towards 2021

Wildbird is making quarters now, as they say in military terms. Setting up the company, getting bank accounts, VAT numbers, an accountant (Randzaak Hengelo) and negotiating a management agreement. Plan is to start in 2021 to run a new daughter company of Medspray, Wilbur’s current employer; Together with some guys in Munich in a newMeer lezen over “Soft start, towards 2021”

Wildbird BV opgericht

Op 29 oktober 2020 is Wildbird BV (en Wildbird Holding BV) opgericht.Standplaats wordt het WTC in Hengelo, mooie plek met internationale uitstraling. Recently Wildbird BV was founded. More information will follow at a later stage.

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