What’s in a name?

Why wildbird, people ask me. Few reasons:

  1. many people in the Netherlands mis spell my first name. They make it Wilbert instead of Wilbur. So if you would really mis spell it, you would get wilt bert or wild bird. So for a personal management BV, where I am the main product for sale, using my name seems right and less boring than lastname holding (or in dutch: achternaam beheer bv).
  2. I’m still pretty wild and anti authoritarian. Unfortunately my kids are like that too, which makes school life not always easy for them. So becoming my own boss may have been inevitable, a wonder that it’s only happening now, in the year that I turn 50 and in the middle of a pandemic.
  3. my wife Ilja and me have been on quite some big trips before we had the boys. Especially to Africa and once to Australia. When we go to a new area, we always buy a bird book and try to spot as many of the birds in the book as we can find. Not that we are fanatic wild bird watchers, but when we see them, we like to find out which species they are.
  4. we like birds. We have budgies (parkieten) at home, we put a lot of winter food in the garden to lure in as many wild birds as we can get.
  5. wild birds roam free. They can fly, how great is that, and they don’t see borders as a limitation.

Other suggestions on why wildbird is a good name for my company are always welcome. Please e-mail them to info@wild-bird.nl

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